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Sarah’s practice includes work with leading companies (Coca Cola, Taylor Made Golf, Harbar), top law firms (see below), universities (Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Brown University), and sports organizations (CrossFit New England, WV BBTS Ski Race Club).

“Sarah was amazing all around. She was very knowledgeable on the subject but even more important was that she was able to relate the content with her own experiences and very practical examples. She fully engaged the team in all the meditation exercises. A handful of our executives expressed that this has been one of the best training programs they have ever received at the company.”


Enrique Montemayor





“Her presentation was a great mix of theory (i.e., understanding the physiology of stress) and practice (i.e., how to manage that stress through mindfulness). The presentation was interactive and fun. All participants came away with at least one tip for reducing stress and practicing mindfulness that resonated particularly well with them (and often many more).”


Angela Doolan

Alumni Relations Manager

Davis Polk


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