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Why Mindfulness?

Better Work Performance


Increased Happiness


Higher Engagement Levels

Better Sleep

Studies indicate enormous annual costs to U.S. Business from:


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  1. Distracted workers: $650 billion

  2. Unhappy employees: $500 billion

  3. Stress: $300 billion


can help by…

  • Decreasing reactivity

  • Lowering anxiety

  • Reducing stress and depression

  • Minimizing distraction

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Improve health and wellbeing

Decrease reactivity to stress

Focus attention, less mind wandering

Stronger leadership skills

Improved communication

Better conflict resolution

Enhanced performance at work, school, and in sports

Improve quality of life, engagement levels and satisfaction with work


Achieve peak performance

Better focus, more efficient

Stronger leaders, better teams

Communication, interpersonal skills

Conflict resolution techniques

Attract and retain highly desirable talent

Decrease absenteeism due to stress and other illness

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