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Sarah’s practice includes work with leading companies (Coca Cola, Taylor Made Golf, Harbar), top law firms, universities (Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Brown University), and sports organizations (CrossFit New England, WV BBTS Ski Race Club). Below are some testimonials from individuals and groups with whom Sarah has worked.

“As the new reality set in, we wanted to provide additional support to our attorneys and staff.  We had a wonderful experience working with Sarah on our Women’s Retreat and were looking to provide everyone at our organization an opportunity to learn from her. Sarah presented a mindfulness and meditation workshop via online webinar and it was an unqualified success. The positive feedback from employees across the country was immediate. They were so appreciative of tools to manage their stress and anxiety in this challenging time.”


Chelsea Thaxter

Director of Attorney Development 

Gunderson Dettmer


“The Leading from Mindfulness webinar led by Sarah Stuart was right on target. It had just the right mix of mindfulness concepts and tools. Participants have already started integrating some of the tools into their world at work and at play. It works! It is exactly the kind of training anyone aspiring to climb the corporate ladder should get to manage the stress that comes with it.  For that matter, anyone coping with the stress of life and the myriad electronic distractions that come with it.  She gave real, concrete ways to put mindfulness into practice, even in the moment of a stressful meeting. The webinar was just as seamless and effective as her in person sessions.”


Jaime Luna

Director of Operations

WEST (Advancing Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology)

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