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Practicing law can be very stressful. The need to produce high billable hours in 6 minute increments and to juggle many different matters at once can tax even the most resilient lawyers. Technology and smartphones allow the flexibility to work from anywhere but also mean being on call all the time. 


According to an American Bar Association study, 28% of lawyers suffer from depression, 19% suffer from anxiety and 23% experience mild or higher levels of stress. Many lawyers drop out of law firm practice or the legal profession altogether when they fail to find a way to balance work and personal life, especially when they start having a family.


Mindfulness trainings can help lawyers and law firms develop healthier ways of coping with stress, dealing with distractions and staying focused. The trainings help attract desired talent and lead to improved engagement and retention of lawyers. Associates who are millennials are increasingly turning to mindfulness to help them cope with stress and digital distractions.


Really Mindful Group’s mindfulness trainings are designed by lawyers for lawyers. Having practiced law for over 20 years in both law firm (Davis Polk & Wardwell) and corporate (Simon & Schuster, National Basketball Association and Reebok) settings, in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Sarah understands the day-to-day pressures of lawyers. Through highly interactive and engaging trainings that are custom tailored to the needs of her clients, Sarah offers participants hands-on techniques that are easily integrated into real-life situations.



Annual Meetings

Client Marketing Meetings

On-site and off-site Meetings


Digital, In Person and Hybrid Trainings

Single Workshops (60-120 minutes- 90 minutes is most popular)

Series of Workshops


Sessions are tailored to meet individual needs with the goal of developing sustainable mindfulness practice and integrating new skills at work

Offered remotely and adapted to client's schedule


Highly focused and consistent content designed to change mental habits

Skills and tools that can be integrated seamlessly into everyday life


Mindful Fundamentals for Lawyers

Reverse the Stress Response

Mind Over Client Matter
Mindful Multitasking Client Matters

Overcoming Distractions

Mindful Leadership for Lawyers

Emotional Intelligence for Better Teams

Emotional Intelligence for Business Development

Mindful Communication

Mindful Negotiation

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